PhD Students

Pedro BaldoniTwitter Website
Multi-replicate detection of consensus epigenomic activity ( github ) from high-throughput sequencing data sets (ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, FAIRE-seq, etc.). Detection of short and broad regions of differential epigenomic activity from multi replicate, multi-condition high throughout experiments and pattern detection of combinatorial interactions between multiple epigenomic processes ( github ) . Single-cell ChIP and ATAC-seq modeling via deep learning variational autoencoder. Co-advised with Joseph Ibrahim.
David LimTwitter Website
Unsupervised clustering of RNA-seq data with simultaneous selection of cluster-discriminatory features and adjusted for confounders. Addressing missing data problems in deep learning variational autoencoders and bayesian deep learning models. Joint with Joseph Ibrahim.
Scott Van BurenTwitter Website
Accounting for transcript quantification uncertainty in differential transcript usage analysis using a measurement error framework. Expression quantification uncertainty in single cell RNA-seq data. Joint with Mike Love
Hillary HeilingTwitter Website
Building cross-study replicable survival models, meta-learning. Joint with Joseph Ibrahim

Former Students

Tianyi Liu: BSPH Honors Student (Graduated 2019). Currently: PhD Student, Department of Biostatistics, UNC-CH